Now there will be a big change in subjects | The central government suggested many subjects !


Afer the implementation of the new education policy, there will be a big change in the subjects of higher educational institutions.

To promote Indian culture, such topics will now be chosen so that the new generation can get to know Hinduism and its history well.

The Central Government has suggested several topics in the new education policy. This includes departments of language, music, literature, philosophy, bharat vidya, art, dance, drama, education, mathematics, statistics, theoretical and applied sciences, sociology, economics, sports, translation, interpretation and other such disciplines. It has been said to be established and strengthened to encourage education and environment.

The Government of Himachal and the Regulatory Commission have also started discussing new subjects in higher educational institutions. In fact, it has been clearly written in the draft of the New Education Policy that whatever subjects will be taught to the students, the most important thing will be to send the students for internship in research institutes, so that they can get important information related to their subject.

As such, it is clear that under the new education policy, replacing the old syllabus will include credit based curriculum, community engagement, service, environmental education and value-added education. Currently, with the introduction of new subjects, changes will be made in the rules for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The most important thing in this is that the bachelor’s degree will be of three and four years, with many options with the appropriate certificate. For example, on completing one year in any subject or field including vocational and professional fields, diploma on completion of certificate two years, bachelor’s degree will be given after three years of tenure.

The same rules will also apply in PG. It has been learned that the government and the Task Force Committee have started making plans in the field of higher education. Firstly new subjects will be finalized on which basis and which subjects are to be started in the first phase of the new education policy.

This month, the Education Minister will take updates from the Task Force Committee and academics about the plan made for higher education.

Emphasis on these new topics in the guideline

The state government will have subjects such as climate change, pollution waste management, sanitation, conservation of biological diversity, management of biological resources and biodiversity, forests and wildlife conservation under the Center’s New Education Guidelines.

Values ​​based topics include human, moral, constitutional and universal, such as truth, noble, conduct, peace, love, non-violence, scientific, outlook, citizens, education, contemporary, global challenges.


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