The format of education is changing in crisis of COVID 19

Homeschooling and distance learning!

The Corona epidemic is suffering from all over the world. Human is struggling for its existence. The definition of life has changed in the corona epidemic. In the last eight months, man is struggling to stay alive every day.

Today our morale has broken so much, the fun of life has become gritty. Many ostentatious and non-essential elements are falling short of the lifestyle. Human life is reducing the needs. Life is learning as much as is necessary. This change is certainly difficult, but it is enough to change the way you look at life.

We are all getting easier and simpler day by day. Due to this, all the changes are taking place in which the field of education is also not untouched. The education system has also been adhering to many standards under normal circumstances.

But right now we are going through very unusual circumstances. Directly we are unable to meet other components of society. But has life really stopped? No, life is not stopping, but changing its form. Expectations are coming in front of us in a new form and we can feel that the liveliness of man is encouraging him not to give up.

Now that it is clear that the current academic session cannot be completed on the basis of conventionally established norms, policy-makers had anticipated its far-reaching impact and started working on alternative models much earlier. Today, the digital form of learning has been recognized. Face-to-face communication in the classroom has been replaced by virtual classrooms on internet, mobile, laptop etc.

Zoom, Cisco Web X, Google Classroom, TCS Ion Digital Classroom, etc. have started making inroads in the education world on the basis of popularity. At the initial stage it all seems difficult during use, but once used, the process seems simple. Yes, there is as much fear as when the technique is used.

Along with the untimely failure of technology like internet speed, connectivity problems, no one to attend and teach at the time of lockdown, compulsion to learn with the help of online tutorials, help of those resources at home. Recording, making notes, making digital copies of them, communicating with the students, etc. There are many challenges before the education community, but still our teachers are doing it through willpower, extra time and efforts, the course is completed Have been, students are adapting themselves to get education through teaching method through new medium which is auspicious sign.

It is a new type of change that has ushered in change on a large scale. It can have a wider impact in the coming times. It was being promoted at the national and international level in the education world as well, but it was not getting the required support from all the partners. It is only due to the circumstances arising out of the ill effects of Kovid-19 in front of the overall education system, that this reality of digital education is causing us to collectively interview.

In this direction, the Government of India through its various regulatory bodies was constantly trying to keep ourselves ready in the competition of openness and quality education of globally available knowledge. Institutions or ranking agencies like University Grants Commission, Ministry of Human Resource Development, All India Council for Technical Education, National Institutional Ranking Framework, NAC i.e. National Assessment and Accreditation Council, tried to promote open learning platform.

The world’s rare books were made available to millions of students in digital form. New opportunities for online learning were provided by the NPTEL i.e. National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning. Conversion of various courses into digital format was encouraged. In determining the eligibility to apply at the time of appointment of professors in universities and degree colleges, the efforts made in these items have been made an essential part in the form of marks, so that the teacher community can increase their interest towards digital teaching.

In spite of all these governmental efforts, the pace of e-content creation was slow and most of the teacher community was keeping distance from it, but the current circumstances are not only accurate, but most of the teachers community to make reading and teaching through digital medium Has played an important role in the direction. Today, not only digital education system has touched every component of education including primary, secondary and higher education, but it has led to major changes in them.

Only content delivery, question bank and dispatch of notes, it will not be appropriate to understand the history of teaching. The challenge of providing an opportunity for interactive communication by adopting a student-friendly system also appears in practical form in the digital education system. The answers to these questions are yet to be found.

Coaching centers and individual tutors running as a parallel education system have also been keen to use these mediums. With this, independent bodies and institutions already trying to make their place in the field of digital education are also finding it easier to get a big market. There is also a need to avoid the potential drawbacks of digital education. It is not appropriate to completely abandon part of the experimental and applied knowledge of courses which is not possible to be done in a digital way.


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