Online Education | Five Problems and Five Solutions


During the lockdown, all dimensions and concepts of learning have changed. As the benefits of online education are measured by schools and governments, it is now necessary to discuss its advantages and disadvantages. The way of schooling is changing, new challenges are coming in the future.

Private schools and parents are divided into the advantages and disadvantages of online classes. Many private school principals and teachers are taking classes that are needed for future preparation. At the same time, parents have described it as a hasty step. Parents believe that the child is not currently ready for online classes. Many parents are unable to raise the necessary resources for these classes.

The school said the benefits

– In the new system of education, children are shaping themselves through online classes
– Teachers also learned a new way of teaching from the online classroom
– Preparing to do many more experiments related to online study in the future
Online classes were created to complete the course during the lockdown.
– Schools claim that children have not lost the habit of studying due to online classes
– Children learn new ways to use technology from online classrooms
– Looking at the future, working from home has also become a habit among children.
– He can easily assess the children even from the class in front of the parents.

The parents calculated the loss

– Parents asked to charge fees from the online class school
– Middle-class network problems create problems for children
– Mandatory time for parents to be with the child
– Parents allege that schools are imposing their responsibilities on parents through this class
Children do not feel like studying due to a lack of school environment in the online classroom.
– Parents are concerned that online classes will affect children’s eyes and health
– Parents suddenly could not collect resources in the online class
– Online classes are not successful for experimental study

Problem five

Can’t do practical in the online class. Acquiring science and social sciences
– Lack of coordination between teacher and student
– No more than the specified number of students can join different apps
– Most students in rural areas do not have this facility.
– In a 40-minute class, the teacher summarizes the lesson.

Five solutions

– Teachers need online training
– Both teachers and students should be ready online before teaching and studying
– Facilities should be made available to students who do not have the means to read online.
– Online classes should be made compulsory by creating a system in universities and colleges.
– Develop platforms to increase online class access


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