Online Education Is A Government-sponsored Injustice On Poor Students !


Some Social organizations have given mobiles to some students. However, this number is not enough.

Currently, schools and colleges in the country are closed due to corona. However, the government is saying that children’s education is being started under the name of Online Education.

However, has this online education reached all places? Do the children who are learning online education understand what the teacher has taught them? One or more such questions arise. However, there is a question beyond this.

Does it mean that children have mobile to learn online? How will tribal children in remote areas be educated? The government has considered this. So how can the children of Aarey Colony in Mumbai be educated? Have you ever considered this?

How the education of children in Aarey Colony has started. To find out, we reached Morshi Pada in Aarey Colony. We talked to the children there about online education. What is online education for Harshad, who is studying in class II? Don’t even know it.

Darshan, who is studying in another school, does not even know how many days his school was sunk. He has never attended an hour of online learning. Dad has a mobile. But they go to work. They work. They are falling from the tree. They can be heard with one ear.

How to take online education in such a situation. His teacher has let him solve papers at home. So how will Darshan leave this paper without any study? Such a question arises on this occasion. Suraj, who is studying in 7th standard, is no different. Online learning is on. He says the education comes on his father’s phone.

However, the father goes out at 5 in the morning for a meal and comes home at 10 at night. When will you learn I didn’t even get the papers. Eighth learner Varsha says we don’t have online classes. There is no mobile in our house. It started with my brother’s mobile. However, it was closed. It’s been a long day. Didn’t go to school.

Now the papers are given. He writes as much as he can to solve it at home. The rest is done by the big men in the house.  Prakash Bhoir, who works on issues of tribal society, says that the problem of education of our children is big.

Currently, Some Social organizations have given mobiles to some students. However, this number is not enough. This opinion has been expressed by Prakash Bhoir while talking to

He says that the futility of online education has come to the fore in various surveys. This is not formal education. This is a temporary arrangement. Only 21 percent of children in a survey have mobile connectivity. This deprives the rest of the children of their right to education. Online Education is causing Screen Addiction in children.

The children do not understand. In addition, constant suggestions increase confusion. Children’s decision-making ability is impaired. Some children do not get a cation despite their ability to learn. Children who have the ability to learn. However, they do not get help.

What’s wrong with them? Online Education is a temporary arrangement. It takes very little education. Therefore, the government should consider the education of the rest of the children … that is the opinion expressed by Chaskar.

Heramba Kulkarni In this context, we talked to educationist Heramba Kulkarni. Children in the third medium were generally deprived of online education. In fact, the society that needs education. For whose education Shahu, Phule, Ambedkar tried.

Heramba Kulkarni expressed the view that the same society is deprived of education through online education. Compared to the medium, English medium students suffered less. Talking to him about the ashram school, he says … the question is a bit different.

As there is no range in ashram schools, online education is closed in this place. Seeing all this, Maharashtra has lagged far behind socially. How will you teach students in offline and online education when schools open? Students who have not received online education.

How will those students teach? Suicides due to online education can be counted. However, how to eliminate the shortcomings created in the minds of students due to online education? In a country where there is no means of communication. How the government started online education in that country. If the government wanted to start online education in this way.

So why didn’t the government provide facilities to children who are offline? The government took the lead in launching online education. This is the view expressed by Heramba Kulkarni. Students who do not have access to online education by the government. They wanted to give him an exercise book.

The government should still provide a self-study booklet. Online education should be seen as a market, as the market for online education was projected to be 2424 billion in 2014-15. By 2021, that number is expected to reach 200 billion. However, this number is now expected to increase. The industry is making money by creating fear among the people about education.

This needs to be addressed. Not a single child will be deprived of education when the government considers online education. This should be taken care of. Even if you have 100 criminals released, it will work. But no innocent man should be punished.

That is what we say about justice. However, why don’t we do the same in the case of online education? Asking this question, Heramba Kulkarni raises questions only on online education. Regarding online education, we contacted the state’s education minister Varsha Gaikwad. However, he did not pick up the phone. However, if they are contacted, we will update their response here. If we consider online education as a whole, it has come to light that many students will be deprived of education due to online education.

Is online education a government-sponsored injustice done to poor students? Such a question also arises on this occasion. Therefore, the government should immediately stop online education. Such a demand is coming up.


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