Success Story: Sold Tea and Made 1.2 Crore NRI Chaiwala in 8 Months

Success Story: Sold Tea and Made 1.2 Crore NRI Chaiwala in 8 Months

Success Story: There is no need to explain to anyone how much tea is liked in India. It is the most preferred beverage product in India. Most Indians love tea.

Whether they are at home or outside, they need some kind of tea. People like to take it to relieve tiredness, pass the time, or with a snack during the break. In such a situation, have you thought about how beneficial tea can be?

If not thought, then you should think, because here we will tell you the story of a person who has earned more than Rs 1 crore from tea in a few months.

न्यूजीलैंड से लौटे वापस

Efforts being made by new startups The tea grown in India has a different identity all over the world. But now some startups in the country are making new marketing changes in it.

They are trying to give new colors and flavors to the tea. In this way, the changed taste and color of the tea are also liked. Tea has changed many people’s lives.

Know further the story of the person who returned to India from abroad to start a tea business.

Whose story we are going to tell you back from New Zealand is NRI Jagdish Kumar. He was once living in New Zealand. He worked there for many years in the hospitality sector.

But in 2018 with a special plan, he went home. He returned to India forever. His idea was to start his own business of tea.

Introduced many new flavors Jagdish Kumar introduced many new flavors of tea. Through this, he also earned a profit of crores of rupees in a very short time.

He had come from abroad, that’s why he got the name NRI Chaiwala, he started the business with the same name. Today they have 35 employees with them. The turnover of his company is 1.2 crores.

‘Kya Rake Naam’ Jagdish has given unique names to the flavors of his tea. These include names like Mummy Ke Haath Wali Chai, Pyaar Mohabbat Wali Chai, and Borrowed Chai. The variety of tea that Jagdish is offering.

Some special spices are mixed in them. According to Jagdish, these spices are secret, which they do not share.

Jagdish has also introduced immunity booster tea. It is mixed with liquorice, ginger, turmeric, decoction, etc.

According to Jagdish, who was earning from which companies, his tea was being liked a lot. But as soon as he put up the banner of NRI Chaiwala at his shop, Jagdish became very much discussed among the people.

Jagdish is also earning from many companies. They are also making money from multi-national companies like HCL and Infosys.

Today his business is very good. They are earning a lot. Actually working on R&D (Research and Development) gave him a lot of benefits.


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