Trending jobs in CSE

Trending jobs in CSE |

Trending jobs in CSE | The success stories of companies like Facebook, Google, and the rising profits of IT solutions providers like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro back closer to home have made it even more obvious for students to go for a career in this field.

The $200 billion Indian IT industry is on the way to be the largest IT industry on the planet while TCS is the third largest information technology services provider offering reasons to cheer for candidates deciding in favor of a career in this field.

Technology manifests itself in so many ways in our lives that it is not possible to separate it from us.

The computer has become a ubiquitous device and therefore the computer science engineering stream has also gained prominence and popularity over the past two decades.

Computer Science is considered one of the best career options, not only in India but globally.

Top Four job fields after computer engineering

This stream provides a variety of exciting employment opportunities in some of the best companies in the world, a job in this sector of computer science is actually the next best thing to a government job.

So what are the best career options that one can pursue after B.E in computer science? Since you opted for a good career path and have done your basic education, the most valuable thing for you is to gain experience, especially in the technology you are working on and become a master of that technology.

Once you focus on one technology the path will be clear to you and you will be able to easily find out what is next – some certification or course. Maybe at a later stage, you can ask this question what is good in a particular technology or platform?

Computer Science is vast and diverse. Every individual has his opinion. For some a big fat salary is the “best job”, for some good work is the “best job”, and for few, a combination of both. Computers are here to Stay and so are Computer Science Engineers.

Computer and Computer science will continue to evolve, Virtual Reality, Autonomous Systems, Data Science, Mobile Computing, Gaming, Health Care, Logistics…the list will grow.

The world is actually on the internet right now giving way to so many websites and web applications. The web has replaced the concept of a distant world by bringing everything closer.

Be it shopping or entertainment or communication or work-related, the internet and the web has solutions for everything and a way to make this world better.

With new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Big Data coming up as the foremost subject of research but all these will be dependent on the Internet and the Web.

So if anyone masters the Web technology most suitable to handle all these will be able to sustain as well grow at an unprecedented growth.

Some of the job roles or opportunities are trending and expected to thrive in the future due to the Digital revolution and Internet & Smartphone boom. You may opt for in order for a better career path are

Mobile platform developer

In this present age when most of the technology and application has shifted to mobiles and smartphones. This has led to increasing in demand for Android Developers overall from Big Corporate to Startups and even Government Organisations. The average salary for Android Developers is over 5 LPA.

Data analyst

The data analyst’s job is to analyze the curated data and generate valuable information based on the insights of curated data which leads to that data being used in marketing, designing new products, and targeting the consumer base. The average salary of data analysts is 6LPA.

Web Developer

Internet widespread use has led to an increase in the usage of Websites and Web Applications. MEAN Stack Developers, Frontend Developers & NodeJS Developers are in great demand in terms of growth opportunities as well as salary offered to them. The average salary is over 7 LPA depending on the skill set one has.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are responsible for the analysis of data with the goal of discovering insights that in turn can provide a competitive advantage or address a pressing business problem.

His role is to analyze data from different angles, determine what it means, and then recommend ways to apply that data. They are deemed as “Hottest Job of the 21st century” and the average salary is over 6 LPA.

Also, there is an opportunity for you with rising of startups in our country. Most of these startups which are starting and growing every day are on a hiring spree to get the best technical talents to help them grow.

Also, there is a vast scope of opportunities in terms of professional growth and monetary benefits which these startups offer.


IT industry is on an explosive growth pattern now so there is no denying that there are numerous new tech emerging on the surface we have to change and adapt as well.

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