Success Story: Delivery Boy Becomes Owner of Rs 6000 Crore Company

Success Story: Delivery Boy Becomes Owner of Rs 6000 Crore Company

Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark Company: Some stories inspire in life. Some stories are so good that even if you listen to them, you will feel like a miracle. The erstwhile pizza delivery boy today owns over 6000 crores in assets.

This boy’s name has also been included in the Forbes list. The boy started a company in his father’s garage in 2012 which has become a worldwide brand today. Let’s know the success story of the young man.

Launched ‘Gymshark’ Today we are talking about Ben Francis, Founder of Gymshark Company, who turns 30 today. Gymshark is a household name today.

Gymshark clothing is designed to be worn while working out at the gym. However, in the beginning, Francis had no idea that his company would become a big ‘brand’ in the world.

Ben Francis is a resident of Britain According to The Sun, Ben Francis is a resident of Britain. He loved going to the gym. He couldn’t find clothes he liked to go to the gym.

That’s where the idea of ​​making clothes for their gym came from. At that time, Ben was studying at a university in Birmingham and was also working as a delivery boy.

Starting from a garage, he dropped out of school and came home and set up a small shop in his parent’s garage. In the early days, he started making a lot of profit from clothes.

Profits changed his approach, after which he renamed Gym Cloth to GymShark. A rapidly expanding business in Britain became Gymshark’s customers within a few years.

His brand soon began to grow in popularity and within 4-5 years the company gained a large position. Social media played a very important role in the success of the brand.

Ben Francis owns a 70 percent stake in the company. Today his total wealth is 700 million pounds i.e. 6371 crores. Ben, who started working as a delivery boy, today owns a company worth thousands of crores.


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