Top Four job fields after computer engineering

Top Four job fields after computer engineering

Four highly technical Computer Engineering jobs: Upon thinking randomly about computer engineering, the terms that instantly come to the top of our minds are hardware, software, programming, hardware machines, etc. All these terms give us a fair idea about how technical the field of computer engineering is.

From understanding the syntax of programming to learning how machines work inside a system, computer engineers have to navigate through these technical subjects in software and hardware engineering.

IT companies understand this and thus recruit computer engineers for really good salaries for their knowledge in respective domains. This is one of the reasons why computer engineering is a highly sought-after course among top engineering colleges in Pune.

After graduating as a computer engineer, most job opportunities will require you to have a strong technical background. Let’s take a look at the 3 highly technical computer engineering jobs.

Software Engineer

In this day and age, the corporate world is filled with the software used for commercial purposes, but there aren’t enough personnel to handle it. Hence, there is an incredible demand for software engineers in the market.

Software engineers are responsible for the development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software on a regular basis.

They are also expected to possess knowledge of coding and be thorough with its practical use.

Coding is a technical subject and just like software engineering, can be hard to learn and is a difficult job. But then again, the hardest tasks have the sweetest rewards.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers are tasked with designing, developing, testing, and producing computer systems and various components of these systems. In case of a technical snag, hardware engineers should be able to identify and solve the problem.

The scope of the above process and problems don’t just limit to computers. Hardware engineering has extended to other fields like Research & Development, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, mobiles, robotics, etc.

Hence, there are not only plenty of job opportunities for mechanical engineers but also gives them the option to switch jobs to different fields.

Professional ethical hackers

To counter ‘black hat hackers’, the online world needs ‘white hat hackers’. The white hat hackers are none other than professional ethical hackers.

Professional ethical hackers are tasked to remove malicious software and content that can harm the reputation of a person, community, or organization.

In terms of the IT industry, ethical hackers use various networking systems to prevent organizations, firms, and businesses from cyber attacks and other potential vulnerabilities.

These help in protecting data from getting stolen or leaked. Ethical hacking isn’t just limited to the IT industry. Even state and national governments hire ethical hackers for security reasons.

In order to be a professional hacker, one has to obtain various ethical hacking certificates to prove their credentials.

Through these certifications, the person will develop the mindset of a hacker and will assess every logical and physical security to find weak points that need to be fixed.

These are the 3 technical jobs you will come across after graduating as a computer engineer from one of the top engineering colleges in Pune. Computer engineering is a vast field. Choose a job profile that best suits your qualities and skill set.

Mobile platform developer

In this present age when most of the technology and application has shifted to mobiles and smartphones.

This has led to increasing demand for Android Developers overall from Big Corporate to Startups and even Government Organizations. The average salary for Android Developers is over 5 LPA.

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