Vishal Kanet And Naman Gupta | Success Story Of A Young Man Who Took A Phoenix From The Ashes


“We want the Government of India to work on a comprehensive approach to cigarette recycling or a sustainable alternative in the coming years,”

The Noida-based start-up is recycling cigarette waste into creative by-products. Vishal Kanet and Naman Gupta wanted to eliminate the discharge of these dangerous products into the atmosphere in their twenties. Think about how they came up with this innovative idea.

Most of us who walk on the street and/or walk on the street would have stepped on millions of used cigarettes without knowing the harm it would cause. It may not be dangerous to tobacco but the cigarette-butt is made of cellulose cet acetate, a plastic fiber that is biodegradable and can be harmful to the environment if discarded for years. But, why should we be shocked about this particular subject?

This is because India, the world’s second-largest consumer of tobacco, is the third-largest producer of about 800 million kilograms of tobacco products annually. You know that these cigarette butts will contaminate the body of water and block the drains. But, what can we do to reverse this mistake? The question was whether Vishal Kennett and Naman Gupta were present for the banquet at their friend’s house. The next day, he was mentally disturbed by the amount of cigarette waste that had accumulated.

They wanted to stand out from the crowd so there was a Eureka movement for these two. The two came up with the dream of starting an organization and in 201 organizations, the organization started a puzzle enterprise. Puzzle conservation is an acronym for Blockchain. In July, he started the organization with the initiative to recycle cigarette waste and create attractive by-products from it.

“We are India’s first cigarette waste management and recycling company. We try to address the irregular management of the Indian waste sector as to date there are no Indian laws regarding cigarette waste management and recycling, ”says Node, Founder, Kode Enterprise. “Every start-up needs an investment to survive,” Naman added.

The couple was initially shocked when the entire family showed support for their dreams. Naman Ha Noida, U.P. Belongs to a middle-class family. Who has completed the CA-IPCC level and is awaiting final year degree results and his partner Vishal is a professional photographer who works in lenses and later joined Puzzle Enterprise.

The business model for cigarette waste disposal

Kode Enterprise has started eliminating hazardous waste from Delhi, the most polluted state in India. Since both were familiar with the area, they regularly collected cigarette butts from cigarette sellers, rag pickers, smokers, and others in the area. After all the laws and procedures were completed, Kode Enterprise provided VBins (Value Bins) to its customers for garbage collection on a contract basis.

“We gave them Rs. 250 per kg is an incentive for everyone who wants to contribute to our work, ”says Naman. So far, customers have shown their full support through social media platforms like Facebook (/ content Enterprises), Twitter (@ce_llp), Instagram (@codeenterprises), YouTube. Recently, Puzzle Enterprise has been featured in more than 25 local and national media coverage that has increased its visibility in markets around the world.

With the growth of customers, Kode Enterprise founded the Pan India Association. They have liaised with individuals, corporates and many others so that they will be able to supply cigarette waste from their designated districts to the recycling unit on contract and principle. “Today we have more than 500 colleagues covering about 100+ districts across the country.

We have provided more than 10,000 VBN facilities to collect cigarette waste at the ground level and 5,000,000+ people have earned income and employment for this reason. 3-4- since the establishment of the organization. Tons of cigarette waste has been successfully destroyed. Recently, they have started buying industrial waste from cigarette manufacturers to end environmental degradation.

Puzzle Enterprises are using their own chemical composition for waste recycling but maintaining the firm’s unique selling point is confidential so this method cannot be disclosed. “We make sure that the percentage of treatment procedures that are safe and secure is certified by laboratories accredited by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

We ensure that the wastewater generated during the storage process is also recycled to ensure zero waste disposal, ”Naman explains. They make by-products that include organic compost powder, cushions, mala, and other equipment called VMK. But, in the last two years of travel, Norman and Vishnan also faced unimaginable challenges. They have found that one of their coaches has been stolen but they have continued to carry more coaches.

With this tremendous service, Code Enterprise received a huge amount of public support and media support. “We want the Government of India to work on a comprehensive approach to cigarette recycling or a sustainable alternative in the coming years,” he said. Recently, Indian Railways and India Post Services have joined us for smooth and systematic work, ”claims Naman.

Due to recent developments, Kode Enterprise is opening its doors for those who want to be a part of the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) campaign. Norman and Vishan are welcoming those interested in contacting them and are willing to give them a five percent partnership claim. “Our future plan is to increase production and sales of existing products for profit by 2020. Our vision is to build an air purification system for chimneys in the next few years, ”says Naman.


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